Sunday, January 18, 2009


So it is snowing!!!! and I am back at school in Philly! I am so overly excited to be back and i get to restart classes on tuesday. I have spent the whole day unpacking and attempting to get my miniature room reorganized. I also applied to be a camp counselor this summer at Camp Vega in Maine. I was really unsure of what exactly i wanted to do this year while not in school.. but i finally figured out that working in a fun and exciting atmosphere with little girls would be the most rewarding experience i could ask for!

Okay so goals for the semester..

1. i need as close to a 4.0 as possible in my classes. Only two more semesters to make sure i have the 3.5 i need for my history Honors Society.

2. Stay organized... last semester was a bit hectic with rushing my sorority and everything.. but i know this semester will be better!

3. My best friend says we are going on Man-Fasts for the semester so we can focus on friends and fun.. and not the drama that seems to come along with dating the frat guys we are friends with. I plan to stick with this little fast. : p

4. I HAVE to start swimming again. If i get the job at the girls summer camp i will have to teach young girls to swim... and i wouldnt expect them to trust or respect me if i looked like i have never swam in my life.
On another note.. i got back into my building to watch the Eagles vs. cardinals game. It was fun to watch it in the city and I made the BEST brownies (dark chocolate with rollos and dark chocolate chips) to bring to our little party.. lets say the guys definitly appreciated it!


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