Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ahhhh!!! I have missed blog world soooooo much! I cant beleive i have gone over two weeks without posting! school/sorority life has been absolutely crazy!

so i just found out that myself and three of my sorority sisters will be going to FLORIDA for SPRING BREAK! now i am not a huge party girl or big on the whole "spring break" scene... but i am ridiculously excited because we rented a beautiful house on the beach .... and the girls i am going with are amazing! I cannot wait to just lay on the beach with a book! however... my body is not exactly bikini ready! so i think i will relyl try the wholediet kick now... i havebeen trying to work out more and eat healthy... which is already giving me tons more energy.... but i need something a little more quick than just eating healthier lol. any ideas??????????

On a similar note.. i am so excited to go on vacation that i have started my shopping/internet browsing already! I just love spring/summer and all of the preppy fashion and wonderful colors that go along with it! So my idea for this late march/early april trip is to get cute pieces that definitly could be used again...but dont necessarily cost that much. My parents are paying for me to have this mental break because they have seen how hard i have been working this year (Dean's list here we come!) but i dont want to ask for more money for clothes etc. I also dont want to buy a really expensive pieces that i would be worried about ruinning the whole time i am on the beach! So one of my sisters suggested to look for cute coverups, etc. on! as i glanced at this website i realized it had a few things i absolutely LOVED that would look adorable over a bathing suit or even just thrown on to grab lunch in town or something!


pocket full of pink said...

I live right outside of Philly! I graduated from Penn State three years ago and now live in the LeHigh Valley area. That is SO fun that you're going to sunny FL for Spring Break!!

Billie Anne said...

You will have the best time in Florida! (This is coming from a born-and-bred Florida girl!)

*Kimmie* said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Pink Velvet cupcakes sound absolutely fabulous!

Good luck!

(And have a blast in Florida!)