Monday, February 23, 2009

Avoiding life and work. so i blog.

So i am just down in the dumps.
even though i ordered a new headband tonight (see previous post!) ...

I just found out that my roomate has strep. We share EVERYTHING!

This means there is like a 120% chance i am going to get strep as well.


i am obviously just feeling a bit emotional... it has become more and more common in my life apparently. I was watching the oscars last night and cried when Kate Winslet asked her dad to whistle to her while she gave her acceptance speech for best actress. Is this normal???

I think it may just be exhaustion. which makes sense.. because I have a to-do list that is over a mile long...

1. Write this Bible paper for tomorrow! (2 pm to be exact)
2. send emails about support for my sororites huge philanthropy Dance-A-Thon (similar to penn state's THON but obviously on a smaller scale)
3. Write paper for my US history course
4. Make appointment with academic counselor to make sure i am still on track!
5. read Tolstoy's Kruetzer Sonata
6. Apply for two jobs! (one would be ideal.. the other would work. i will give more information at another time )
7. sleep.

i know there are at least 5 more things... but being me i lost my list. so write now i just have a to-do jumble in my head. not really any kind of organized system. this must be dealt with ASAP!

on the plus side... my sorority sisters and BEST friends are being super supportive of my crazy week. One of my BESTEST friends... lets call her J is taking me out for coffee and yoga tomorrow afternoon during my free hour inbetween classes! I have no idea where i would be without these girls!

This is a photo from friday night before a drexel initiation party that all of us LOVELY phi sigs attended : )

sorry for the poor quality.. apparently my camera was on the wrong setting. I have no idea why there is a giant "light" spot on my dress. I promise it isnt really there : )

Obsession. Compulsion. Headbands.

Okay so i have a MAJOR issue...

it is a bit of an obsession to be honest.

Headbands. I know.. nothing new right? However, in the past week alone i havebought 3 headbands. In the past month i think the total is at 9? I have to own at least 50. I just think they pull any outfit together so beautifully...Adding a classy and fabulous touch to anything! I have been searching the internet ( avoiding writing a bible paper i have due TOMORROW!!!!) and i just wanted to show a few of my favorites : )

This one is from... Forever 21! I hardly ever shop here but i saw this and thought it was absolutely adorable!

Of course every girl needs a Southern Proper headband! I LOVE this crimson elephant one ( School colors so i can wear it to games, etc.)
I JUST DISCOVERED this beauty! I love green... it is so preppy and wonderful! and this headband was on Gossip Girl for all of you fans! It is from the Pink Olive Boutique ... I just wish i could jusitfy spending the money on it (it is a hot penny for this beauty) ... but being a student and going on springbreak in two weeks.. i know it isnt really practical : (
Well there we go... hopefully three new additions to my headband drawer will be coming to me soon! (yes i do have a whole DRAWER in my bathroom for my headbands.. if you know a better way to store them please share!)
Have a Beautiful day! <3

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Mind Boost...

So I am running late to my weekly sorority lunch and my Intro to Bible course...

and All of the sudden one of my absolute favorite bible verses popped into my head...

and i thought i would share it with everyone!

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about yout life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body,what you will wear. Is not life more importnant than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more valuable than they? Who of you worrying can add a single hour to his life?"
Matthew 6: 25-27
Have a wonderful afternoon ladies!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Procrastination= Pictures!

So after another short intermission...

I need to get into a better schedule... this whole blog thing keeps me sane.. which i could use a little bit more of in my CRAZY life right now.
So i am doing this instead of studying for my Russian Culture test that i have at 10 AM tomorrow : /

On the bright side... Valentine's day was absolutely LOVELY! I spent the day out with my favorite girls! I was asked by a certain boy : ) to go out.. but in the end i knew i would have a stressless and amazing time going out with my sorority sisters ( and Future roommates!) This picture isnt from saturday ( I am being lazy and havent uploaded them yet..) but these are a few of my main ladies! If you havent discovered the website you should definitly take a look at it! But BEWARE! it is absolutely addicting! You can edit photos.. add cute frames and text!

here are a few of my favorite creations from the past weeks! PS these are by far some of my favorite pictures.. I have them all hanging on my wall to remind me of those i love while i am away at college!

This picture is of my two little sisters and me in Charleston, SC a few summers ago...we were going through a high school musical-picture-pose stage : )

This is from my FAVORITE musical i was ever a part of.. Beauty and The Beast! It was one of the smaller parts i played.. A silly girl (aka- Guaston's obnoxious stalker) but it was sooooo much fun! I am in the yellow on the left! It definitly isnt a flattering picture of any of the ladies pictured (including myself) but i think it captured a really fun moment!

This is of my BEAUTIFUL puppy.. Jill. Please ignore the crazy christmas hair in this picture.. I honestly wish i didnt look like a hot mess.. but i am willing to have a moment of weakness to show the LOVE i have for my gorgeous chocolate lab.
Okay well enough procrastination! I have yoga-lates tomorrow at 7 (YIKES!) so i better get started... I am thinking something casually classy for tomorrow-- i have lots of little errands and work to do! I am definitly loving this look on Mandy Moore.. so effortless but still she doesnt look like a slob! plus i have been in love with everything Mandy since A Walk To Remember...

Have a Good Night Yall!!!!! <3

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ahhhh!!! I have missed blog world soooooo much! I cant beleive i have gone over two weeks without posting! school/sorority life has been absolutely crazy!

so i just found out that myself and three of my sorority sisters will be going to FLORIDA for SPRING BREAK! now i am not a huge party girl or big on the whole "spring break" scene... but i am ridiculously excited because we rented a beautiful house on the beach .... and the girls i am going with are amazing! I cannot wait to just lay on the beach with a book! however... my body is not exactly bikini ready! so i think i will relyl try the wholediet kick now... i havebeen trying to work out more and eat healthy... which is already giving me tons more energy.... but i need something a little more quick than just eating healthier lol. any ideas??????????

On a similar note.. i am so excited to go on vacation that i have started my shopping/internet browsing already! I just love spring/summer and all of the preppy fashion and wonderful colors that go along with it! So my idea for this late march/early april trip is to get cute pieces that definitly could be used again...but dont necessarily cost that much. My parents are paying for me to have this mental break because they have seen how hard i have been working this year (Dean's list here we come!) but i dont want to ask for more money for clothes etc. I also dont want to buy a really expensive pieces that i would be worried about ruinning the whole time i am on the beach! So one of my sisters suggested to look for cute coverups, etc. on! as i glanced at this website i realized it had a few things i absolutely LOVED that would look adorable over a bathing suit or even just thrown on to grab lunch in town or something!