Monday, February 16, 2009

Procrastination= Pictures!

So after another short intermission...

I need to get into a better schedule... this whole blog thing keeps me sane.. which i could use a little bit more of in my CRAZY life right now.
So i am doing this instead of studying for my Russian Culture test that i have at 10 AM tomorrow : /

On the bright side... Valentine's day was absolutely LOVELY! I spent the day out with my favorite girls! I was asked by a certain boy : ) to go out.. but in the end i knew i would have a stressless and amazing time going out with my sorority sisters ( and Future roommates!) This picture isnt from saturday ( I am being lazy and havent uploaded them yet..) but these are a few of my main ladies! If you havent discovered the website you should definitly take a look at it! But BEWARE! it is absolutely addicting! You can edit photos.. add cute frames and text!

here are a few of my favorite creations from the past weeks! PS these are by far some of my favorite pictures.. I have them all hanging on my wall to remind me of those i love while i am away at college!

This picture is of my two little sisters and me in Charleston, SC a few summers ago...we were going through a high school musical-picture-pose stage : )

This is from my FAVORITE musical i was ever a part of.. Beauty and The Beast! It was one of the smaller parts i played.. A silly girl (aka- Guaston's obnoxious stalker) but it was sooooo much fun! I am in the yellow on the left! It definitly isnt a flattering picture of any of the ladies pictured (including myself) but i think it captured a really fun moment!

This is of my BEAUTIFUL puppy.. Jill. Please ignore the crazy christmas hair in this picture.. I honestly wish i didnt look like a hot mess.. but i am willing to have a moment of weakness to show the LOVE i have for my gorgeous chocolate lab.
Okay well enough procrastination! I have yoga-lates tomorrow at 7 (YIKES!) so i better get started... I am thinking something casually classy for tomorrow-- i have lots of little errands and work to do! I am definitly loving this look on Mandy Moore.. so effortless but still she doesnt look like a slob! plus i have been in love with everything Mandy since A Walk To Remember...

Have a Good Night Yall!!!!! <3

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