Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Little Things...

What i love most about spring are the little things that appear.

New Flip Flops, New umbrellas, New toe nail polish.

A few new things i am hoping to add to my spring....

A new pair of Mckims from LILLY!

This adorable and sunshiney skirt from LILLY!!!

This adorable Southern Proper tee ... LOVE IT!!

A Buck and Ball tee! AND they have Lilly Patterns!!! YAY!!!

Needlepoint flipflops from Tucker Blair!!! I CANT WAIT for these!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Late night of studying : /

So I realized today around 2 pm that I have about 10 hours of reading to do for classes this week.
AND two papers.

This is not a wonderful start to spring!

But i did decide that i would have MUCH less trouble studying if i was in this cute little ensemble...

And maybe one of these marvelous drinks...

Friday, March 20, 2009


So i have decided that in the spirit of spring... I want new hair.
I want to get some highlights to give me a more "sunny" glow.
and I decided on a new style icon for my hair....
Britney Spears. I know.... Its crazy since she was bald two years ago... but I have been looking at some of her recent pictures and i envy her hair soooo much.

Now i would never go THIS blonde... but i just love the styles for a summer day!

But i was thinking more of this color....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

It is a BEAUTIFUL st. Patricks Day here in philadelphia! It is 57 degrees outside, but it feels like 70! the sun is bright and shining!

and i am stuck studying for a mid term tomorrow morning : (

oh well... i will procrastinate a little more and imagine that if i WERE going out tonight... this is definitly my dream outfit!

All lovely lilly of course!!! I am having a bit of spring fever if you cant tell! CANT WAIT!!!

now back to studying : / have a safe and fun St. Patty's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Florida recap...


it was perhaps one of the most relaxing weeks of my life... and very much needed!!!

This is me with a palm tree!!! It's a silly picture.. but i love it!

Another completely unflattering but hilarious picture. I was just soooo excited to be on the beach after our 15 hour car ride!

And last...but not a least... a picture of all of the girls on the beach before dinner one night!

It was ... to say the least.. amazing! I also had the chance to stop at the outlets in St. Augustine, FL. WHICH WERE AMAZING!!!!!!! i spent way too much time in the Jcrew outlet but got a cute couple of items... i am feeling a trip to another JCrew Outlet for my birthday??? hopefully!!!

I also managed to pick up a new Ralph Lauren polo dress! I just cant seem to have enough of these.. Except i couldnt decide what color to get! I ended up narrowing it down to hot pink and Navy blue.. and eventually my practical side took over and i got the navy. I cant wait for it to be 20 degrees warmer so i can wear all of my cute spring clothes!!

On another note.. on break i started a new book called "Lady In Waiting"
It is such a wonderful read and i suggest it for any single christian ladies out there!!!
well now i am back in the real world and have to write a paper : /
have a wonderful day ladies!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Just a quick update because that is ALL i have time for! Thank goodness Spring Break starts friday! I am going to NYC for the weekend with my mom, grandma, and little sister! it should be an fabulous girls weekend! I am then going to florida monday with a few of my sorority sisters! We have a house right on the beach so it should be AMAZING!!!!!!!

I went home this past weekend and had an absolute ball hanging with my little sisters. I miss them SOOOOOO much sometimes. It is so great that now that we are all getting older (E is 16 and just got her liscense today!) we have become even closer! A is 11 and is soooo amazing. She is a gymnast and has such a God-given talent for the sport. She is absolutely amazing at it and is a level 8 at the age of 11 (for those of you who dont know.. gymnastics only goes up to 10 levels technically) She is the youngest at her gym to be that high.. by two years! I am so unbeleivably proud of her and her great progress. E and I went to church together sunday and it was so nice to bond that way with her!

This is E and I eating one of my mothers DELICIOUS cupcakes this weekend!

(note the new SOUTHERN PROPER headband. I LOVE IT!)

this picture is a bit hard to make out...but basically that is my sister, A (the blurry thing flipping above the vault).

This is A and her level 8 teammates as they are announced at the beginning of the meet.

(A is the smallest all the way on the left!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Avoiding life and work. so i blog.

So i am just down in the dumps.
even though i ordered a new headband tonight (see previous post!) ...

I just found out that my roomate has strep. We share EVERYTHING!

This means there is like a 120% chance i am going to get strep as well.


i am obviously just feeling a bit emotional... it has become more and more common in my life apparently. I was watching the oscars last night and cried when Kate Winslet asked her dad to whistle to her while she gave her acceptance speech for best actress. Is this normal???

I think it may just be exhaustion. which makes sense.. because I have a to-do list that is over a mile long...

1. Write this Bible paper for tomorrow! (2 pm to be exact)
2. send emails about support for my sororites huge philanthropy Dance-A-Thon (similar to penn state's THON but obviously on a smaller scale)
3. Write paper for my US history course
4. Make appointment with academic counselor to make sure i am still on track!
5. read Tolstoy's Kruetzer Sonata
6. Apply for two jobs! (one would be ideal.. the other would work. i will give more information at another time )
7. sleep.

i know there are at least 5 more things... but being me i lost my list. so write now i just have a to-do jumble in my head. not really any kind of organized system. this must be dealt with ASAP!

on the plus side... my sorority sisters and BEST friends are being super supportive of my crazy week. One of my BESTEST friends... lets call her J is taking me out for coffee and yoga tomorrow afternoon during my free hour inbetween classes! I have no idea where i would be without these girls!

This is a photo from friday night before a drexel initiation party that all of us LOVELY phi sigs attended : )

sorry for the poor quality.. apparently my camera was on the wrong setting. I have no idea why there is a giant "light" spot on my dress. I promise it isnt really there : )