Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Just a quick update because that is ALL i have time for! Thank goodness Spring Break starts friday! I am going to NYC for the weekend with my mom, grandma, and little sister! it should be an fabulous girls weekend! I am then going to florida monday with a few of my sorority sisters! We have a house right on the beach so it should be AMAZING!!!!!!!

I went home this past weekend and had an absolute ball hanging with my little sisters. I miss them SOOOOOO much sometimes. It is so great that now that we are all getting older (E is 16 and just got her liscense today!) we have become even closer! A is 11 and is soooo amazing. She is a gymnast and has such a God-given talent for the sport. She is absolutely amazing at it and is a level 8 at the age of 11 (for those of you who dont know.. gymnastics only goes up to 10 levels technically) She is the youngest at her gym to be that high.. by two years! I am so unbeleivably proud of her and her great progress. E and I went to church together sunday and it was so nice to bond that way with her!

This is E and I eating one of my mothers DELICIOUS cupcakes this weekend!

(note the new SOUTHERN PROPER headband. I LOVE IT!)

this picture is a bit hard to make out...but basically that is my sister, A (the blurry thing flipping above the vault).

This is A and her level 8 teammates as they are announced at the beginning of the meet.

(A is the smallest all the way on the left!)

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Kate said...

Have a great spring break! I'll be in NY this weekend too :)