Sunday, January 11, 2009

So i went to see Bride Wars today with my mama and sister!!!

It was soooooooo cute! and while hathaway and hudson do not look like glowing brides in this picture... trust me .. they both are absolutely lovely!

the only bad part about seeing the movie was that there was a group of middle school kids sitting behind us : ( they made the ugliest comments when Kate tried on the beautiful vera wang wedding dress....
Oh well i guess everyone cant have the best taste like me : p
So now i am spending yet another night in while bugging the heck out of my family because i JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! I will be taking some amazing courses this semester soooo i am super excited! so now that i am sitting here watching two weeks notice ( a personal fave) i have decided to show you some of my personal favorite pictures : )

I absolutely love this picture... i grew up a Navy Brat so I cant help but imagine myself with a Navy officer one day. . .

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bedroom. If i could pick any room in the world to just lay and read a book this would definitly be it! From the canopy bed to the hardwood floors I LOVE IT!!!!