Wednesday, January 14, 2009


it has happened. Single girl is "talking to a guy". I know. its been a while... trust me i know.

I guess i can fill in you lovely ladies with a little information. I need advice!

So i met this wonderful Sailor ( yes he is in the Navy ...) at the Navy vs. Army football game.

he was friendly and cute and a friend of a friend. so we chatted for a while. it was quite pleasent.

so then he friend requested me on facebook that night... ( i gave him brownie points for the speed of the request). and we chatted online a few times and he got my number from the mutual friend. and he texts me ... and leaves cute comments on my photos online and everything... but thats all.

he seems really interested. But i am at a loss .. i have no idea what he is looking for. he seems to have very good morals and he is so sincere. but still.. maybe i just have trust issues??? oh well we will see! I will keep you updated!

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