Monday, January 12, 2009

So I am being an insomniac again and browsing the internet. I have found the following lovely photos that i think sum up my IDEAL style...

I love the Navy and pink combo from Vineyard vines... it looks so effortlessly preppy.

This outfit from Jcrew would be totally perfect for a day shopping at a beach (such as Charleston, SC my fav!)

Okay so... i alrady have this outfit from Jcrew. and i wear it probably once a week. I just love the casual look of it! My roommate makes fun of me daily for it... but what does she know? I love this adorable little outfit from Lilly! again... i love the fact that it comfortable and classy!

I am growing my hair out... because of Blair. I am just inlove with her flowing locks and we have similar colored hair. . . so i am obsessing over it!

okay. i need to get some sleep now!


PreppyGirl said...

what great outfits! I love the yellow cardigan, so cute! Definitely makes me wish spring would hurry up and come!

Billie Anne said...

I love the yellow cardigan as well! And I understand your obsession with Blair's hair. Since i wear headbands every day, I really want to get my hair cut like hers :)