Monday, March 16, 2009

Florida recap...


it was perhaps one of the most relaxing weeks of my life... and very much needed!!!

This is me with a palm tree!!! It's a silly picture.. but i love it!

Another completely unflattering but hilarious picture. I was just soooo excited to be on the beach after our 15 hour car ride!

And last...but not a least... a picture of all of the girls on the beach before dinner one night!

It was ... to say the least.. amazing! I also had the chance to stop at the outlets in St. Augustine, FL. WHICH WERE AMAZING!!!!!!! i spent way too much time in the Jcrew outlet but got a cute couple of items... i am feeling a trip to another JCrew Outlet for my birthday??? hopefully!!!

I also managed to pick up a new Ralph Lauren polo dress! I just cant seem to have enough of these.. Except i couldnt decide what color to get! I ended up narrowing it down to hot pink and Navy blue.. and eventually my practical side took over and i got the navy. I cant wait for it to be 20 degrees warmer so i can wear all of my cute spring clothes!!

On another note.. on break i started a new book called "Lady In Waiting"
It is such a wonderful read and i suggest it for any single christian ladies out there!!!
well now i am back in the real world and have to write a paper : /
have a wonderful day ladies!

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Billie Anne said...

I love the St. Augustine outlets (especially J. Crew)! My roommate's from Jacksonville so whenever she and I drive up there to visit we always like to stop. Glad you had fun on your spring break!